Blue the dachshund puppy was thrown in the garbage by a pet store owner

Heartwarming Story of Blue The Rescue Dog. We met one year old little Blue at Pawlooza. He was thrown away last winter by a pet store owner and retrieved half frozen from the bottom of a filthy dumpster. 20 more minutes he probably would have perished, but luckily he was saved, got vet care and is now a spokesperson for Tiny Paws Rescue. Tiny Paws and Helping Homeless Pets promote responsible pet ownership and suggest you do your research when getting a puppy. ADOPT Don’t SHOP


  1. OMG!!! How could anyone do something like this???? Little Blue is the most adorable little thing I have ever seen!!! Does he has a forever home yet?

  2. I could not read the story cause another doxy pup popped up to the right.. he was so precious, but I could not read about the dog who almost froze.. can you resend it?

  3. Thank God that he was rescued. I hope that Pet Shop Owner has the same thing done to him/her; that the Pet Shop was legally closed or taken away by the law enforcement, and that this person’s penalty is that he/she is to work many, many hours in a dog rescue area taking care of dogs that have been abandoned or a pet hospital.

  4. I have 5 mini doxies and they mean the world to me, how a “pet store owner” who knows there are rescue places and shelters available could put living , feeling, loving fur babies in a dumpster in the middle of winter just boggles my mind. Thank you for saving him and the kittens, I hope they have all found their forever homes. I also hope that someone had charges pressed against that store owner.

  5. I hope that they pet shop owner’s name and address was given to the Humane Society or Animal Welfare office so that they can keep an eye on them. That is cruel and inhumane treatment of their animals. They should be shut down. He could have at least taken them to a shelter so that someone could have that dachshund or the cats.

  6. Why in the hell wasn’t these pet store owner’s arrested? I don’t understand why they were just let go to possibly open another store under a different name?????? What happened to the kitties? That makes me sick and the owner’s were so brazen about it like they weren’t the least worried about getting into trouble. How can people be so cruel and cold hearted?? They were too lazy and worthless to even try to find a rescue or shelter for the little animals.

  7. I just lost my Dachshund Spencer of 14 years this past October 2014 and the story of Blue just makes me ill. I am so happy this turned out with a happy ending.

  8. I simply cannot comprehend the evil that humans visit upon animals. And we’re supposed to be the pinnacle of evolution? What a joke!! Mark Twain had it right……”The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.”

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