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Best wiener dog race ever! Disabled dachshund Anderson Pooper runs wiener dog race

This dog loves LIFE!

Disabled dachshund, Anderson Pooper stole the show at a wiener dog race held by radio station 101.5 at Emerald Downs in Auburn, Washington.

Love saved Tucker from death by Vet

Samantha Fellers tuckers momSamantha Fellers shares her dachshund’s story, Tucker.

(Note: due to an incurable, cancer like disease I am unable to ever have children. My pets ARE my children  )

This is my little boy Tucker, who turned 7 on 4-30-14.

On 2-22-13 his back had suddenly given out and he was paralyzed. He kept looking at his back legs as if he were asking “why aren’t you working???” It broke my heart. We rushed him to an Emergency Vet Clinic where the Dr suggested that we “put him down”!
I simply stated “He’s my son, if a human child got injured in an accident, you wouldn’t kill them, you’d acquire a Wheelchair”
And that’s what we did. The vet took xrays and determined that 2 of Tuckers discs had collapsed (IVDD) and that he would never walk again. He administered a shot into his spine and wished us luck.

We brought Tucker home and his custom made wheelchair arrived a few days later. At this point Tucker had to wear diapers and had 0% function of his bowel/bladder & hind legs.

After a few weeks of us using his wheelchair and doing our own ‘at home made’ physical therapy….Tucker KICKED one of his hind legs. We were ecstatic!!! Not getting our hopes up, we continued working with him and now?!?!? Tucker has 100% control of his bowel & bladder (diaper free yay!) And he’s walking on his own!!

He can’t quite raise his legs to mark like other male dogs, but he does squat and it gets the job done.
We know that there will always be that chance that he regresses and ends back up paralyzed, but as of now he’s doing amazing. When we go for long walks we use his chair to help alleviate some of the weight but we leave his hind legs down unless he gets too weak (which thankfully hasn’t happened yet)

If we had given up and just ‘put him down’ we would have been wrong and Tucker, and us, would have missed many years of happiness and love (every situation is different, we got lucky).

Tucker is my inspiration to keep fighting my medical battles and to #NeverGiveUp
He’s the strongest lil guy we know and we’re so happy that he’s our son.

For more information on dog spinal disease and non-surgical alternatives please go to

tucker was cured after having IVDD

How a little dachshund is getting over her fear of people

We recently rescued a 9 month old long haired dachshund, Marley who is scared of people because she was not socialized properly due to her being in a cage all of her young life. A dog needs to be socialized early on from 3 months or sooner in order for them to be comfortable with people.

I finally got a great tip on how to help Marley get socialized and not be so afraid of people. Read More →

Can a dachshund cure cancer? Lucy Lui did


I have a rescue story with a happy ending.

Eleven years ago, my mom was diagnosed with an incurable disease. She was told at best she had 10 years, worst less than a year to live.  She was depressed. She declared she was getting a dog!

So I began the search with her.  Every time we saw a pet store we stopped in.  She wanted a miniature pincher.

This particular day, I told her to go in the store next door while I checked to see if the pet store had dogs.  I went in and saw the conditions.  It was dark, damp, and the dogs were in the back; stacked in cages one atop the next.  It smelled of pee and poop. I went next door and told her they didn’t have what she was looking for, my heart breaking for the animals.

She insisted on seeing them. Read More →

Lost dachshund returned after 2 years


Do you believe in miracles? After hearing Bonnie’s story, you just might. Please read full post

Bonnie is pound-for-pound the toughest dog you will ever meet. She came to Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue in 2011 and stole the hearts of everyone that laid eyes upon her. Bonnie had just come off of a hernia surgery and was recovering from severe pneumonia. While recovering at one of her foster parent’s house, she managed to get loose and run into a cornfield that was full of coyotes.

Our volunteers spent countless hours trying to find Bonnie and bring her back home. Despite every effort, Bonnie was one step ahead of us. She avoided our traps, resisted the smell of bacon, even her brother Clyde couldn’t lure her out. She wanted to stay in that cornfield. Our volunteers tried tirelessly for weeks to capture her, but little Bonnie did not want to be caught.

Two years go by and Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue had rescued and adopted hundreds of dachshunds. Then one Sunday evening in November, we received a phone call from Maricopa County Animal Control. They scanned a dog for a microchip and found a chip that was registered to us. It was Bonnie! Our collective jaws dropped, we could not believe it. For 2-plus years, our mystery dog found her way back home where she belongs!

Her story doesn’t stop there. After having Bonnie checked out by a vet, it was found that she had heartworm. She had to undergo 2 painful treatments. She later went in for possibly another treatment, but the blood test came back negative for heartworm! A few weeks later, the second blood test came back negative! Bonnie had beaten heartworm!!! She had already conquered pneumonia, hernia surgery, and being lost for 2 years. Now, she added heartworm to that list.

Once the last test was negative, Bonnie’s original fosters adopted her. Bonnie immediately recognized the family and was very excited to be reunited with them. Bonnie has her forever home, and is not going anywhere now. Bonnie’s new family could not be happier with their wonder dog.

Hollywood could not write this script any better. It was a happy ending. Now, do you believe in miracles? -Wendy