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Watch what this little girl’s dachshund does to save her lunch

Watch what this little girl’s dachshund does to save her lunch.

Have you ever seen a Super Dachshund fly? This puppy is proof

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… No it’s Token the SUPER SAUSAGE!

(Instagram: token_thesausagedog)



Mutant Giant Spider Dog?

Is he a spider or a dog or both?

You’ve got to see what he does…especially the last bit, it’s super funny


Dachshunds race Golden Retrievers Watch who wins

Amazing MUST WATCH races between dachshunds and golden retrievers.

A team of dachshunds compete in the U-FLI Dream Team Challenge in Memphis, TN

Stuffed Dog protects a huge bone from real dogs what happens next is surprising

So surprising how all these different dogs react to this stuffed dog protecting his large bone.

Who will win the Wiener Dog Swim Race?

Does your dachshund like to swim?

Watch as these 5 funny doxies do a swimming race.

Which one do you think will win?


Dachshunds on David Letterman Show – Stupid Pet Tricks

Have you seen these two adorable dachshunds, Guinness and Stella on the David Letterman show performing “Stupid Pet Tricks”?

Watch what their trick is…What would you rate their trick from 1 to 10?

Which Wiener Dog Song Do You Like Better?

Everyone loves wiener dogs and these are two funny wiener dog songs that celebrate them.

Listen to both short songs and vote on which you like best.

Wiener Dog Song #1

Wiener Dog Song #2

Puppy dachshund rings the bell, see what happens next

You know that dachshund puppies are super cute but did you know they can do this?

Click to see what happens when this dachshund puppy rings the bell.

Is this good or bad what they’re teaching this puppy?

Rancher ordered 200 Dachshunds? Watch the doxie stampede


Have you ever seen a stampede of 200 dachshunds?

This rancher ordered 200 Oxen but was sent 200 Dachshunds instead. You’ve got to see what happens…watch the short video it’s hilarious